Commercial 2-Way Radio

Need reliable, private communication?

Professional Critical Communication

Emergency services have critical needs when it comes to 2-way radios. Talk to the next county over with high-power radios and dedicated private repeaters. Trust your radios to always work, even in bad weather and power outages.

Best-in-Class Gear

You want the best, or the rest?

Industry-Leading, High-Quality Electronics

Sick of Chinese ‘quality’ failing on you? Buy real, genuine-article commercial radios that actually feel like they’re not going to fall apart in your hands. We trust real quality; and you should, too.

Hands-on Help

What do you need? We got you.

Need Programming, Repairs, or Rental Gear?

Need your radios reprogrammed? Changing or adding channels? Having a problem with your radios or repeaters? Interested in renting some quality gear for your event?

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Located in farm country just outside Oak Harbor, Ohio, Ray’s Electronics is the leading provider of commercial communications systems in northwest Ohio. Ray’s maintains its own network of private, FCC-licensed VHF & UHF repeater stations covering Ottawa, Erie, Wood, Seneca, and Sandusky Counties.

Ray’s has proudly served the local law enforcement, emergency medical, and fire fighting communities since 1948, by offering the latest in 2-way communications technology and service, featuring Kenwood and Tecnet professional commercial communications systems.

Scott Renz
Scott RenzOwner
Scott, owner of Ray’s since the 50’s, has designed most of Ottawa County’s airwaves for more than half a century. Scott is also a HAM radio operator and goes by the callsign WB8JLT.